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Birds Nest No More!!

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Curb Appeal, Yes Thank You.

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Santa Clarita Sand Fire Rejuvenation Project

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Busy Busy Busy

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Do I really need to clean my solar Panels?

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The Dirty Truth About Solar – 20% Discount Offer

The truth of the matter is, Dirty solar panels do not produce as much as clean panels do.  CALL TODAY to Book your Cleaning.  661-609-2993

Offer Expires July 31, 2016SC Cleaning 1728 7Dirty SC Cleaning 1728 4 KB Home Clean 1 KB Home Clean 420160606_185742_001 (3)

I think his reaction was “WOW THAT LOOKS GREAT!”

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Love helping people see the difference Solarcleann makes

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Love helping people see the difference

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“What’s HOT?”

Summer Sizzle Event: For a limited time only we’re taking 20% off our solar panel cleaning service. Contact us today

Refer 1 friend, get an additional $10.00 off your cleaning service.
Refer 2 friends, lock in 20% off your next cleaning service
Refer 3 friends, get your solar cleaning service FREE.

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