Here are some common questions our customers typically ask us along with our answers.

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Q: Why do I even have to worry about cleaning my panels?

A: While many factors affect how much electricity your solar panels will produce – Dirty Solar Panels can be one of the biggest and easiest to fix.  (Do a visual inspection, can’t see them,  we can help you with that. )

Q: Can’t I just wash my panels off with the garden hose?

A: You can, however, it’s not recommended, due to the hard water found in many of our cities we live in.  Hard water will leave hard water spots and film which can further impact production

Q: Can I use common household cleaners to clean my panels?

A: No, It’s not recommended to use any household chemicals or cleaners on your panels.  These have proven to leave a residue or a film, which can impact production

Q: How Frequently should I have my solar panels cleaned?

A: It’s suggested you should clean your solar panels twice a year, once in Spring/Summer and once in Fall.  (not cleaning them is never the answer)