To optimize your system’s production, twice a year, Spring and Fall. However, depending on your homes location and direction of the solar panels will determine the best schedule for cleaning.  (We’ll figure that out together)

Spring is a Great time to start “BANKING” some extra energy.  Spring is when days become longer which means the sun is out longer. Therefore, the more sunlight, the more opportunity you have to produce power.

If your system is clean, you will bank all those credits for your Summer months when you need it.  Remember, what you don’t use by the end of your 12 month cycle, you can sell back to your utility company and or roll over for the following year.

Fall is the opisit of Spring.  The day an sunlight become shorter and shorter. Keeping your system clean is super critical to ensure you get as much out of your system as possible.

And of course, get them cleaned if your roof is overtaken by pigeons

Call on us today to discuss a cleaning plan for your system.