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SolarCleann is a Residential Solar Panel Cleaning and Pest Abatement Service.
Our goal is to help you protect your investment and Maximize your production.

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We are locally owned and operated and take great pride in providing nothing less than exceptional customer service.

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We Solve Pigeon Problems and We Clean Panels

We’re so confident in our work, we guarantee once your Solarcleann Pigeon Guard is installed
you’ll never have any critters living under your solar system again!


We utilize a water purification system combined with an telescoping water fed nylon brush to clean off any and all dirt, grime, bird droppings, filth and caked on dust/mud that builds up over time

Pigeon Removal

We Flush underneath the solar panels removing pigeons, pigeon nests and their toxic pigeon waste that builds up over time (and anything else under your panels that does not belong there).

Pigeon Guard

We install our Solarcleann Pigeon Guard (Black PVC Coated Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh) with specialized non impacting fasteners. This ensures you’ll never have any Pigeons and or critters ever living under your solar panels!

Solar System Inspection

We perform a 4 Point Solar System Inspection that covers the overall condition and functioning of the solar system. Great for new home buyers!

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We had solar panels installed by Sun Run a few+years ago.
We 1st discovered the sound of the doves in Dec 2017. (We thought it sounded pretty in the morning and we didn’t think anything of it) little did we know that the doves home turned into a pigeons party.
We called Sun Run and they told us that it was our responsibility and that we had to pay for the removal. We put it off….clearly not aware of the mess that was made on the side of our home.
We immediately called Bird be Gone and asked for a referral for a company to take care of the birds and the nests underneath our solar panels. They referred us to Todd @ Solar Cleann. He came and went up on our roof, took pictures and gave us a quote to eliminate the mess and install a critter guard. He emailed the pictures and we were completely disgusted.
We called Sun Run and let them know of this huge problem and they told us we had to pay for it because there was nothing wrong with the panels and they were working fine. We called several times and finally Sun Run agreed to take responsibility and pay. (After telling them it was a health hazard)
Todd @ Solar Cleann came yesterday 7/20/18 at 7am and worked til 4pm non stop. He is an incredibly hard worker with strong ethics all around.
We highly recommend Solar Cleann to take care of this sort of problem or simply getting your solar panels cleaned! (which should be done annually) call him today and tell him I sent you!

Karen V.

Unbelievable customer service..Can’t find quality like this anywhere else..

DanSan Chez

Todd does an amazing job cleaning the Solar Panels!

Victor Andrade

Had great service, friendly personnel, they were on time. Reasonable prices

Hunny Cas

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