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SolarCleann is a Residential Solar Panel Cleaning and Pest Abatement Service. Our goal is to help you protect your investment and Maximize your production.

Whether it’s protecting your solar system by installing our Pigeon Guard or if it’s cleaning your solar panels to Maximize production, we’ve got you covered.

We are locally owned and operated and take great pride in providing nothing less than exceptional customer service to our customers. Our customers are our neighbors and we love our neighbors

Our Story

After a very successful 25 years in the mortgage industry, I found myself thinking more and more about the quality of my work life balance.  I though to myself, is this? Is this all that life has to offer? Driving 67 Miles each way to work, spending 10 hours in the office, 5 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year, always on call, traveling, being away from home and my family the majority of my life all for someone else who would replace me in a heart beat to save a buck.  

In 2014 the wife and I decided we needed a change into which I changed careers and moved into the Solar Industry.  

I gained employment as an Energy Consultant with one of the largest Solar Companies in the industries with the goal to work from home, work within my community, control my income and most importantly have more time for my family and myself.

During my tenure as an Energy Consultant, I quickly realized there was an overwhelming need for “Post Sale/Installation” Service.  So many of my customers and friends who had went solar were experiencing drop in production and Pigeon Infestation. However, when they reached out to the Solar companies, they were pretty much blown off.  They where told, as for the drop in production, your panels are probably a little dirty, wait for the rain, that should help, or Pigeons under your panels? We’ve never experienced that, however, that’s not covered, that’s your problem.

In 2016 I convinced the wife to allow me to spend a good amount of our savings to buy the necessary equipment needed to resolve both the Production issues due to “Dirty Solar Panels” and to resolve Pigeons nesting, mating, defecating and making a mess under peoples Solar panels.  

We have been in business ever since and thanks to our customers we have been able to provide for our family, spend more time with our family, grown closer to God, and grow our family as we’ve become Foster Parents.

Thank your for Taking the time to read our story and thank you for supporting and helping us grow SolarCleann.

Todd & Maribel Graves

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We’re happy to come out to your house, talk to you over the phone or respond in writing.  We’re here to service you, how you choose to be serviced.

Call us Today @ 661-609-2993 or reach us through our Contact Us page and we’ll respond with an accurate quote and timeline for the work.

Please make sure you include # of Panels, Elevation (single or two story), along with the direction(s) the panels are facing (south, north, east/west)

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