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Winter is a great time for Pigeons and other birds to seek shelter and build their nests under your solar panels.  Check out these Pictures on why you should schedule your Free Inspection today.  It’s time for some SPRING CLEANING      Call Todd at 661-609-2993                                          

Happy New Year 2018

Thank you to all our customers for making 2017 an incredible year and solidifying Solarclceann as a Leader and company of choice for Solar Panel Cleaning, Pigeon Removal and Pigeon Proofing within the Southern California.   Check out our Facebook page @ solarcleann for the latest and the greatest pre and post pictures of jobs being done Daily…


It’s never too Early or Late to have your system pigeon proofed… If you get it done as soon as your system is installed, you’ll never have to worry about your solar panels becoming the hang out-nesting area for the neighborhood birds.

However, if your solar panels have become the local hang out, we’ll flush them out, clean out the nests, wrap the arrays in Black PVC coated wire welded Mesh and polish the panels back to new.  It’s more affordable than you think.

Birds can’t beat this “BALD” Eagle

This poor 36 panel system has been the hang out for a gang of pigeons for some time.  They have spikes, foam, and netting, However, they will not leave.

Palmdale  Pigeons absolutely hate when you disrupt their routines.  A good cleaning from Solarcleann did just that..


“Got paint on your Panels?”

Show me your “WORST”, I’ll show you my “BEST”

Hands down, no one can Beat Solarcleann

When should I clean my Solar Panels

To optimize your system’s production, twice a year, Spring and Fall. However, depending on your homes location and direction of the solar panels will determine the best schedule for cleaning.  (We’ll figure that out together)

Spring is a Great time to start “BANKING” some extra energy.  Spring is when days become longer which means the sun is out longer. Therefore, the more sunlight, the more opportunity you have to produce power.

If your system is clean, you will bank all those credits for your Summer months when you need it.  Remember, what you don’t use by the end of your 12 month cycle, you can sell back to your utility company and or roll over for the following year.

Fall is the opisit of Spring.  The day an sunlight become shorter and shorter. Keeping your system clean is super critical to ensure you get as much out of your system as possible.

And of course, get them cleaned if your roof is overtaken by pigeons

Call on us today to discuss a cleaning plan for your system.


SPRING FORWARD March Madness 50% off

Spring is in the air, Let Solarclann do you solar panel spring cleaning for 50% off.

That’s right, we’ll clean 100% of your panels for 50% of the price.

Call  today to set your cleaning and get those credits stored for summer.  It’s going to be a HOT ONE.



SolarCleann Difference – Because Going Above and Beyond is JUST WHAT WE DO!

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30 Panel Bling Spectacular

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Got to keep them SolarClean when you rockin the 230kw panels (KB Home)

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